lundi 25 avril 2011

Astro tools is free now, you can make a donate.

With 250000 sao star

soon in the next version
With 2 millions 500 catalogue star (optionnal download )

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  1. Hi,

    Could you please support the latest countries that are now supported by the Android Market? Last week, a new wave of countries were accepted.


  2. I have installed this incredible program on my wife Samsung Galaxy S and I was impressed by it.
    The only problem, for me, was the phone "limited" screen size and I now I'm thinking to buy one of those tablet running Android.
    On ebay I saw these tablet (?) PCs mostly come in screen sizes of 7" or 10.2".
    I'm keen for the bigger size, but as I know nothing about this market, I will appreciate some advices on which of those tablets would work best with this application.


  3. Great job Raphael! You are moving in the right direction! Finally someone understanding the amateur astronomer needs is on the market! Please add a color mode for the red film filter users (no red colors in the GUI). By the way, how to add the SAO catalog?

  4. Never mind, found the + button for the SAO stars.

  5. Just add a decent night mode and I will be glad to donate! :)

  6. Bonjour,
    Beau travail ! ;-)
    Pensez vous ajouter le pilotage d'instruments protocoles LX200 et ASCOM ?

  7. Ah oui je précise que je l'ai acheté le soft à l'époque il n'était pas gratuit ;-)

  8. Truly amazing software, thank you so much. I will reccomend it to all my students.
    The only things I am missing is a white text mode (as I want to use a red transparencY sheet/foil to completely cover all white elements and make other programs usable, too), and a "do you really want to quit?"-dialoge as my older phone is a bit slow and sometimes I push the back-button again when nothing happens.

    Otherwise it's great how reliable this works, even on this older android device. Especially the magnetometer is a bit quirky on my phone, but Astro Tools handles it much better then skyeye or google's apps.

  9. Beau boulot, à un détail près : impossible de télécharger le catalogue SAO à l'adresse
    Y aurait-il une adresse de remplacement ?